Links to Other Woodworking Web Sites

Still growing -- come back now and again. (There are zillions of sites out there... send me your favorites. Also, please let me know if any links are duds.)

Hock Blades are available from:

Tools for Working Wood 
Woodcraft Supply 
Highland Hardware 
Craftsman Studio 
Lee Valley Tools 
Luthier's Mercantile International 
Golden Witch Rods 
Dieter Schmid Feine Werkzeuge   (Germany) 
Mike Hancocks's Classic Hand Tools (England) 
Professional Woodworkers Supply (Australia & New Zealand)
Rubank Verktygs AB (Sweden)

Schools and such:

Inside Passage  Robert Van Norman carries on the James Krenov tradition
The Northwest Woodworking Studio  (Rogowski's place in Portland, OR)
Four Sisters Woodworking Vacations  (right here in Fort Bragg, CA)
The Windsor Workshop (West Sussex, England) 
Red Rocks School of Fine Woodworking and Lutherie  (Lakewood, Colorado)
Rosewood Studio  (Ontario, Canada) 
Mendocino Woodworking all things woodworking in our locale 
The Krenov School at Mendocino College (Fort Bragg, CA)
Center for Furniture Craftsmanship   (Rockport, ME) 
Island Mountain Arts  (British Columbia, Canada) 
American Woodworking Academy  (O'Fallon, MO) 
David Charlesworth's Courses Site   (Devon, England) 
John Lloyd Fine Furniture  Courses in furniture making and restoration (East Sussex, England)

Web Woodworking Locations:

Diablo Woodworkers 
Shavings and Sawdust  
Free Woodworking Plans 
The Musical Instrument Makers Forum 
rec.woodworking tidbits 
Electronic Neanderthal 
Woodweb Homepage 

Woodworking Supplies:

Shenandoah Tool Works
Fishers Laser Carvers 
Oakwood Veneer Company 
Knotty Plans 
Hearne Hardwoods (PA) 
Talarico Hardwoods (PA) 
Kolinsky Art Brushes 
Exotic Lumber (NJ) 
Wood for Musical Instuments (Spain) 
Plans for Board Games 
Woodworking Plans from U-Bild (sic) 
Compound Miter Cuts Web Page 
Woodworker's Journal 
Dave's Shaves - Reproduction Wooden Spokeshaves  
Allen Guitars Luthier's Supply 
KCDw Cabinetmaking Software 
Mastergage information 

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