Frequently Asked Questions

Lee Valley Tools has acquired Hock Tools. The transition is under way as they work to get a new Hock Tools website up and running and processing orders. 
Until then, please contact with the Hock item number, and they’ll be glad to advise if they have it, or when they expect it. Note that pricing will remain the same, and shipping will be at no charge.

A2 vs. High Carbon?

Which HOCK blade do I need for my Block Plane?

Why are some HOCK Blades made in France?

Why are some blades black (dark gray) and some shiny?

How should I sharpen my blade?


Custom work?

Blade for my shoulder plane?

Hand scrapers?

Blades for my Jointer/Planer/etc?

Which blade should I use to make a (smoother, jack, whatever) woody?

Why do you answer your own phone?

Custom blades in A2?

Why are HOCK blades shaped like that?

Do you sell other plane parts?

Can I come visit?

What's the weather like?

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