Which HOCK blade do I need for my Block Plane?

We offer four different block plane blades in two different alloys. The first determinant is the blade width, either 1 3/8” or 1 5/8”. The next is the width of the slot in the center of the blade. It will be either about 7/16” wide or about 5/8” wide. Available in our High Carbon Steel (HC) or Cryogenically Treated A2 Tool Steel. HERE'S A PHOTO!

1-3/8” wide Blade:

7/16” slot: BL138 (HC) or BLA138 (A2)

5/8” slot: BW138 (HC) or BWA138 (A2)

1-5/8” wide Blade:

7/16” slot: BL162 (HC) or BLA162 (A2)

5/8” slot: BW162 (HC) or BWA162 (A2)

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