The Perfect Edge: the Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers


"If... you don't own a book on sharpening, I think "The Perfect Edge" should be at the top of the list, if only for the fact that it covers the latest innovations in sharpening equipment and is written in a very breezy style that makes the technical information easy to digest."

-- Chris Schwarz

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The Perfect Edge
by Ron Hock

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ISBN 978-11440329951 

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224 pages with over 400 photos, charts, illustrations (some with circles and arrows...)

I've included a lengthy chapter on tool steel metallurgy, heat treatment, even rust, as well as a chapter on abrasives: what they are and which one does what best, along with how-to chapters on how to sharpen your favorite tools.

While doing the research for the book I found and used a large number of websites. I've posted that list as a blog entry for those seeking more info about sharpening and related subjects.

Praise for The Perfect Edge:

"I'm working my way through your book, The Perfect Edge, which I recently got from you. It's extremely informative, and, perhaps just as important, a lot of fun to read. Too often technical books are dry and yawn-inducing, but your "voice" and sense of humor make this one a real pleasure. Well done!" -- K.L.

"Ron, man, I love the book!! I don't know how I overlooked it earlier. I've had to search everywhere to get useful, accurate information about tool steel. Everything on the internet is either somebody's amateur, second-hand opinion ("Yeah, Rockwell 65 will keep an edge longer but gimme a good high carbon Sheffield O2 over them brittle Japanese chisels any day") or it's very general information designed for manufacturing customers. Everything in steel textbooks is designed for metallurgists, never for woodworkers. Blacksmithing and knife-making websites sometimes have good information, but they usually assume more knowledge than I have. I look forward every day to the half an hour of peace when I get to read parts of your book. I think I'll order a few replacement irons for some of my old bedrocks, just to show a little appreciation for all you do for our hobby. Thank you!" -- T.H.

"I have read your book and it is fantastic. Thank you for writing it. Really a good book and excellent reference book." -- B.V.

"First I'd like to say that your new book is the best reference on sharpening available anywhere. I go to it often for answers to my questions." -- R.W.

"Aye, mate, 'twas worth the wait. I haven't had much time to myself until today, but on Christmas Day, amid all the extended family commotion, I was finding some peace in my leather recliner reading the first few chapters of your latest work. Well done. It's been 38 years since I was in Materials Science class, a course I enjoyed and did well in, and your section on metallurgy should be adopted as a supplement for those courses. Much better written than any textbook I've ever had to wade through. It is a credit to you on how you've written this that I find it draws the reader in and I just keep reading along. I particularly commend you on your choice of advisors ... an impressive list of experts lending their assistance, further improving the books credibility for me. I have much more to read, but this effort looks to be worth every bit of the energy you put into it -- and having an autographed copy may well prove at some point to significantly enhance the perceived value on the bookshelf." -- C.D.

"Received the sharpening book today. First pass through - very satisfied - exactly what I bought it for: great information on sharpening, steel, and machines for sharpening. Glad you chose to write this book!" -- B.P.

"I just received your book. I am not a non-fiction lover preferring murder mysteries. But, as a woodworker also, I have been fascinated and have learned as much about sharpening in a few hours of reading, as I accumulated over the past years. Thank-you for your efforts." -- G.T.

"Wow! I must say that you have done a masterful job of tying together an enormous amount of technical data. Your sense of humor comes through as well without distracting from the flow. The book is also a visual treat- clear large images leave no doubt as to what you mean to illustrate. There is plenty of hard data to keep the controversies going. I think you have given a very balanced view of the great variety of methods available.
In my opinion you have the absolute top book on the topic-period. Congratulations." -- B.B.


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