Blades and Plans for Krenov-style Wooden Planes

I got the two plane blades. I just sharpened up one of them and put it in a "Krenovian" plane I made years ago. It is a great improvement over the Record brand blade I had been using. Thanks for being there! -- DF

 Plane Iron Assemblies

These blades were developed in collaboration with the faculty and staff at James Krenov's Fine-Woodworking studio here in Fort Bragg. 3/16" thick, they won't deflect or chatter under the toughest use. Designed specifically for the finely-tuned handmade wooden plane, these irons are un-beatable. Bevel is 30°. They come complete with chip-breaker and assembly screw. High carbon steel.

1" wide x 3½" long #PI100 $42.00 Buy Now

1¼ x 3½" #PI125 $45.00 Buy Now

1½ x 3½" #PI150 $48.00 Buy Now

1¾ x 3½" #PI175 $52.00 Buy Now

2" x 3½ #PI200 $55.00 Buy Now

1" wide x 4½" long #PL100 $47.00 Buy Now

1¼ x 4½" #PL125 $49.00 Buy Now

1½ x 4½" #PL150 $52.00 Buy Now

1¾ x 4½" #PL175 $57.00 Buy Now

2" x 4½" #PL200 $59.00 Buy Now


1¼" wide x 3½" long x 4"radius #PR125 $49.00 Buy Now

1½" x 3½ x 5"r #PR150 $53.00 Buy Now

1¾" x 3½ x 6"r #PR175 $55.00 Buy Now

1¼" wide x 4½" long x 4"radius #PRL125 $53.00 Buy Now

1½" x 4½ x 5"r #PRL150 $57.00 Buy Now

1¾" x 4½ x 6"r #PRL175 $60.00 Buy Now

If you don't want a cap iron to come with your plane iron, please mention it in the message window on the shopping cart page. We'll ship the blade only and deduct $10 from the price.

Plans for Krenov-style Planes

If you're ready to make your own plane but are uncertain about the exact dimensions and angles, our full-scale plans will help you succeed. We offer seven different plans to help you make your own wooden plane. These are classic "Krenovian" designs with pivoting cross-pin and separate sole plate.

Flat-Bottom (Iron Width x Finished Length): 
1-1/4" x 6" #FB125 $4.00 Buy Now

1-1/2" x 9" #FB150 $4.00 Buy Now

1-3/4" x 11" #FB175 $4.00 Buy Now

1-1/4" x 6" #RB125 $4.00 Buy Now

1-1/2" x 8" #RB150 $4.00 Buy Now

1-3/4" x 10" #RB175 $4.00 Buy Now

Rabbet Plane: 
1" x 6" #RP100 $4.00 Buy Now

All Seven Plans 
#PLANS $24.00 Buy Now

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