Spokeshave Blades

The difference is remarkable. After a cumulative hour of solid spokeshaving the blade still cuts through paper with ease. The original pre-war Stanley blade gave up after a few passes. Happy customer. -- TSSpokeshave Blades

Don't forget your SPOKESHAVE. A quality blade makes all the difference! These are 3/32" thick except the SP200X which is 5/64" for the adjustable-throat models. Blades for #151-style Spokeshaves (will NOT fit the similar-looking Kunz shave!) are available in High Carbon or Cryogenically Treated A2.

1 3/4" wide #SP175 $29.00 Buy Now

2" wide #SP200 $30.00 Buy Now

2" wide x 5/64" thick #SP200X $30.00 Buy Now

Stanley/Record #151-Style* #SP151 $33.00 Buy Now

And in Cryo A2: #151-Style #SPA151 $42.00 Buy Now

*Kunz's version of the Stanley/Record #151 uses a blade that looks like the Stanley/Record blade, with a central oval slot and two adjuster slots in the corners. But its dimensions differ signifcantly and I apologize that none of our blades fit the Kunz 51A or 51AR, also called 151 on that retail website bent on world domination whose name shall not be spoken.

And for the Hand-Made Wooden Spokeshave:
High Carbon Steel

1/8" X 5/8" X 4 7/16" w/threaded posts 3 15/16" o.c. 

(brass thumbnuts included) #SP062 $40.00 Buy Now 

Instructions for making a spokeshave from this blade HERE!

3/32" X 7/16" X 2 1/2" w/threaded posts 2 1/4" o.c.
(brass thumbnuts included) #SP044 $39.00 Buy Now

Instructions for making a spokeshave from this blade HERE!


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