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Linda and I are looking forward to HANDWORKS next May! From the Handworks website:

Join modern woodworking hand tool makers and fellow enthusiasts for a weekend immersion in all things handwork. Unplug from the world of machines, dust and noise while listening to the crisp sounds of the hand plane, chisel and say in a restored timber-frame dairy barn in the traditional, historic German village of Amana.

It's going to be legendary. See you in May!



Kitchen Knife Kits!

The top quality, high carbon tool steel in these blades makes a superior cutting tool in the kitchen. While stainless cutlery can be handy nothing cuts better in the kitchen than high-carbon tool steel. This is O1 tool steel, the same steel we’ve been using in our plane blades (and the knives in our kitchen) for decades. Yes, these knife blades are made from the same steel at the same hardness that you’ve come to value and rely on in Hock Tools’ woodworking blades. Now you can appreciate how easily it sharpens and how sharp it can get in your own kitchen. A little care will help prevent corrosion – wash and dry after each use and never put them in the dishwasher. Sharpen often and lightly -- your new knives will be treasured for generations.


We now offer Scratch Stocks!


We have HOCK Tees and Hats! The logo on the Tees is from the banner we used in our booth at WIA 2011.


Two New Kits!

We now offer a bubinga Spokeshave Kit:

And a Block Plane Kit in bubinga:

Our thanks to Mike Morton for the assembly video!


We now offer our carving knife blades without the handle for those wishing to craft the ultimate, personal, ergo-handles from your favorite woods. More info here.



Due to your requests we've added longer Krenov-style plane iron assemblies to our catalog. They've been 3½" long from the beginning but now we also have them 4½" long. This allows you to reach the blade for adjustment with taller plane sides. It also allows better access when used with a bevel-up low bed-angle plane (without the cap iron.) Buy them here.


We're now offering Shoulder Plane Kits!

Beech and Bubinga with a 3/4" High-Carbon HOCK blade bedded bevel-down at 37.5° -- a low angle for trimming shoulders -- this is a simple to build, precision kit for making a top quality shoulder plane. Click here to order.


Plane Kit Bargains!

We've accumulated a number of Plane Kit parts that I can't sell as "Firsts" -- they have minor checks or sap pockets that won't effect their performance but make them look... less than perfect. So we're offering them as "Seconds" for a substantial discount. Sorry, these are SOLD OUT.

AND we still have a few of our old-style kits available. They're maple bodies with jarrah soles. More info here, if you're interested.


Order Ron Hock’s The Perfect Edge, the Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers from HOCKTOOLS.COM and we’ll include with your book a $10 “Blade Bucks” certificate good for your next purchase from HOCK TOOLS.

This offer is valid for all orders placed directly through HOCK TOOLS.com


Welcome to the new website!

I've finally added a shopping cart for your convenience. Let me know if you encounter any difficulties or have any comments. I'd appreciate the input.

As you'll see on each page, I've written a book on sharpening for woodworkers: The Perfect Edge is available now, from this website or you can ask for it at your local bookstore. It includes a lengthy chapter on steel, heat treatment and rust and a chapter that covers some of the intricacies of abrasives (what they really are, how they're size-graded, etc.) And it has how-to chapters for most of the tools in the woodshop. Signed copies will be available here. Click here to view the slideshow teaser.

I've added a shopping cart for those who enjoy that convenience, but I'll still be taking orders on the phone (888-282-5233) for those who prefer the personal touch or just have questions about products or whatever. I'll look forward to talking to you.

Please come back soon and often. I'll try to keep this interesting with new content as time allows.

See you around!

-- Ron



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Paperback now available! Harback in limited supply! Click to order your copy of
The Perfect Edge

"If, however, you don't own a book on sharpening, I think "The Perfect Edge" should be at the top of the list, if only for the fact that it covers the latest innovations in sharpening equipment and is written in a very breezy style that makes the technical information easy to digest."

-- Chris Schwarz
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